US Modernist Radio - Episode #78 by Sekou Cooke

Graphic from ArchDaily

Graphic from ArchDaily

Another exciting podcast to explore! Sekou was featured on US MODERNIST RADIO in 2018.

“Host George Smart was in New York during October 2018 recording a series of shows that take USModernist weekly during the holidays. Today's guest is Sekou Cooke, a Jamaican-born architect with degrees from Cornell and Harvard. Currently teaching at Syracuse, he is a published columnist, lecturer, and leader in advocating for more minorities in architecture. Sekou and George spoke at the AIA New York Center for Architecture where Cooke has a major exhibition on through January 12 called Close to the Edge: The Birth of Hip Hop Architecture. Sekou helped get Kanye West to speak at Harvard's Graduate School of Design back in 2013, sparking a huge wave of new interest in architecture.”

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Ready or Not, Here I Come: A Conversation on Architecture and Hip Hop by Sekou Cooke


Last Summer, Sekou was asked to speak at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles about his research focusing on Hip-Hop Architecture. Watch the video and panel discussion here.

Here’s a quote about how architecture seems to be missing from Hip-Hop’s cultural expression:

“…[E]ach major cultural era in western society (the renaissance, the barque, modernism) enlisted a plurality of creative outlets (theater, music, dance, fine art, and architecture). The first four art forms find their counterparts in the four pillars of hip-hop: deejaying, emceeing, B-boying, and graffiti writing. Architecture is lost.” - Sekou Cooke

What do you think it is about architecture as an artform that makes it harder to express culturally, especially in the movement of Hip-Hop?