Ready or Not, Here I Come: A Conversation on Architecture and Hip Hop by Sekou Cooke


Last Summer, Sekou was asked to speak at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles about his research focusing on Hip-Hop Architecture. Watch the video and panel discussion here.

Here’s a quote about how architecture seems to be missing from Hip-Hop’s cultural expression:

“…[E]ach major cultural era in western society (the renaissance, the barque, modernism) enlisted a plurality of creative outlets (theater, music, dance, fine art, and architecture). The first four art forms find their counterparts in the four pillars of hip-hop: deejaying, emceeing, B-boying, and graffiti writing. Architecture is lost.” - Sekou Cooke

What do you think it is about architecture as an artform that makes it harder to express culturally, especially in the movement of Hip-Hop?

Chicago by Sekou Cooke

I felt lucky to find myself in Chicago this past weekend during the opening of the Chicago Architecture Biennial.  I was there primarily to attend the Harvard GSD Alumni Event and the Adaptive Architectures and Smart Materials Conference hosted by the GSD and Merck.  Here are some photo highlights of the conference, building tours from the alumni event and the truly eye-opening David Adjaye show at the Art Institute of Chicago.