Ready or Not, Here I Come: A Conversation on Architecture and Hip Hop / by Sekou Cooke


Last Summer, Sekou was asked to speak at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles about his research focusing on Hip-Hop Architecture. Watch the video and panel discussion here.

Here’s a quote about how architecture seems to be missing from Hip-Hop’s cultural expression:

“…[E]ach major cultural era in western society (the renaissance, the barque, modernism) enlisted a plurality of creative outlets (theater, music, dance, fine art, and architecture). The first four art forms find their counterparts in the four pillars of hip-hop: deejaying, emceeing, B-boying, and graffiti writing. Architecture is lost.” - Sekou Cooke

What do you think it is about architecture as an artform that makes it harder to express culturally, especially in the movement of Hip-Hop?